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As an organisation we believe in promoting performance culture through various initiatives. We follow a culture of encouraging individuals and team to utilize their full Potential. Participation, transparency and openness are the essence of Gammon (T&D) way of Management. Our leadership is dynamic, which motivates the employees to infuse innovative ideas and interface forums so that they can learn leadership skill, team work, decision making and develop analytical approach. Various rewards and recognitions are also introduced for motivating the employees. For enabling and maximizing human potential and its utilisation through optimum performance, one page KRA/job descriptions for each job is clearly defined and reviewed on a regular basis .

For the last consecutive years we are surpassing our own benchmark and have grown exponentially. Our business crossed the national boundaries and we have established and expanded our presence as a key player to various foreign locations. We are very rationally building diverse work culture to beat the best. Since we are very fast growing organization we have all the time good openings.


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