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We are the first and only one so far among Transmission and Distribution Turnkey Contractors in India, who have gone for backward integration into the manufacture of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy conductors. We manufacture conductors as per Indian Standards and International Standards (Swedish, American, British, German, Canadian, IEC, ASTM etc.) having production capacity of 50,000 MT per annum. We have excellent Technical and Commercial team having Vast Experience in Conductor Industry. 


Conductor Manufacturing Unit (ACSR / AAAC / AAC)
Location Amboli, Silvassa (Dadra and NagarHaveli) 150km from Mumbai
Year of Esatblishment 2007
Capacity 50,000 MT per annum
Land Area 16 acres (71,000 sq.m.)
Factory Area 12,250 sq.m.
Telephone No. +91-260-3086305
Fax No. +91-260-3086313

Product Range :

AI. Alloy Wire Rods (6201 Alloy in M & T4 temper - online solutionised)
AAC (All Aluminium Conductors)
ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced)
AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductors)
ACSR / AS (Aluminium Conductor AI. Clad Steel Reinforced)
AACSR (AI. Alloy Conductors Steel Reinforced)
AACSR /AS (AI. Alloy Conductors AI. Clad Steel Reinforced)
ACAR (Aluminium Conductor AI. Alloy Reinforced)
AL59 High Conductivity Alloy Conductors

New Products being developed considering market potential :

TACSR - High Temp conductors
ACCC - AL Composite Core Conductor
ACSS -Aluminium conductor steel supported
Conductors with Trapezoidal wires

Quality :

We seek to develop procedures and processes that guarantee high quality products that not only meet the requirement but also pass stringent quality requirements. This conception leads to continuous development of processes during procurement, manufacturing and sales.

Following the policy "management institutionalized, process documented, work standardized, behaviour normalized", we achieved complete automation integrated and elaborated through SAP, implemented since 2011.

We have 2 lab's with complete in-house modern testing facilities for Raw materials, In-process & finished products testing. We have regular access to periodical Type Testing of 765KV ACSR Conductors at NETFA, South Africa and up to 400KV ACSR / AAA Conductors in India as per stringent customer specification.

Manufacturing Facilities & Processes :

We have the State-of-the-art Plant & Machinery with latest technology for manufacture of Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy Wire Rods and Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy Conductors (with or without Steel Reinforcement) upto 76SKV.

Testing Facilities :

  • Metallurgical Analysis - with Spectro Meter (German Make) - For AI. and AI. Alloy

  • Tensile Testing / UTS Test - with Computerized tensile tester

  • Torsion Test

  • Wrapping Test

  • Electrical Resistance / Conductivity

  • % Elongation

  • Diameter

  • Grain Structure

  • Mass of Zinc

  • Uniformity of Zinc Coating Test etc.

  • Grease drop point test

Reference Standards :

We Manufacture Aluminium / Aluminium Alloy Conductors (with or without Steel Reinforcement) as per All Indian and International Standards.

  • Indian Standards IS 398 Part1, Part2, Part4 and PartS

  • British Standards: BS 215 Part-1, BS 215 Part-2 and BS 3242

  • American Standards: ASTM B 231, ASTM B 232, ASTM B 399 and ASTM B 524 etc.

  • Canadian Standards: CAN/CSAC

  • German Standards: DIN 48201, DIN 48204

  • French Standards: NFC 34-120, NFC 34-125

  • IEC Standards: IEC 61089

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